Don’t ruin your life with a threatening text, email or Facebook message

Technological advances have brought about a lot of good for people, but it has also lead to its share of issues. It is so easy to interact with people we like and don’t like. For the most part, we are one click away from getting ourselves in trouble.

In the past, when young people sent harsh comments, emails and messages to one another it was rarely faced with tough punishments. Now with the school systems and police departments more aware of the detrimental effects that hazing and bullying can have, these messages are now treated as serious threats. Some may think that this is an overreaction to the recent deaths connected to bullying, while others believe more needs to be done. Either way, the situation is that quicker action is being taken against any acts of bullying, hazing or threats.

Seeing that there is so much attention on this area, it is important that young people refrain from stating anything that resembles a threat. With these messages being sent through the computer or phone, it also makes it much easier for the police to gather evidence. In the end, if you think it may be perceived as a threat, it is unwise to write the statement.

Aside from facing potential punishment from schools, the suspected offender who wrote the threat may face criminal consequences. A criminal record for a young person may be detrimental for the person being accepted to college, getting a job and his or her life. So think twice before writing a threatening message to anyone.

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Bully Beware

Even before the criminal bully statute was enacted, one DA office charged a bunch of teens for bully.  The alleged facts that surround the case are tragic and it ended with several teens being charged.  This case itself is quite interesting in the respect that it is the first time that teens are charged for this type of crime. 

 In the past and currently, there are intense debates regarding responsibility and ways to stop bullying.  Now, for the first time, teens are criminally charged for the bullying actions they committed on another individual.  This case is also interesting because it occurred prior to the new bullying law being enacted.  For the most part, it is unconstitutional to prosecute an individual based on a law that wasn’t in effect at the time of the offense.  As a result, the teens charged cannot be charged under the new bullying statute. 

There are still a lot of different types of charges one can be in violation of by bullying another individual.  One example is a person could be violation of the criminal harassment statute.  The harassment statute is not specific for bullying situations, but the elements of the crime usually fit.  In order to prove harassment, the state needs to show that the conduct happened more than once.  Bullying usually happens over a period of time and that usually isn’t much of an obstacle for the state. 

It will be very interesting to see what the defendants end up receiving as a punishment in this case.  This is unchartered territory and this case can be an example for others to take up similar prosecutions.  It is will also be interesting to see if these types of prosecutions will end the type of behavior that results in irreversible harm to victims.  Whatever the result of this case, hopefully the prosecutions of them will end the type of victimizing behavior instead of continuing to hinder school children. 

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