Sex for a Fee

It is no surprise to Worcester residents that when you walk by Main South at night you will inevitably run into prostitutes. It is a high crime area where police constantly monitor, and arrest both prostitutes and customers. It is an area where prostitutes exchange sex for money, then exchange the money for drugs.

The police have gotten more aggressive in their pursuit of the customers. The great majority, if not all the prostitutes are drug abusers, and police cannot find a way to stop their trade. Therefore, police has increased their attention on the customers, hoping that by cutting off demand the supply will diminish.
If you are a customer in the Main South area and see a female that has all her teeth, no body sores, in decent clothes and doesn’t look like she is strung out on drugs, buyer beware. The only thing that you are about to receive is a ride to the police station. The police reports overwhelmingly suggest that the most popular item is oral sex going for the usual rate of $40.

Once I read in a report that a customer offered an undercover police officer $25 dollars for oral sex. On the day of the trial, an attractive and healthy looking female police officer came to court and told me she was the undercover on the case. I was taken back and immediately two things came to my mind regarding this case. First, why in the world would anyone think that she is a prostitute? She had all her teeth, didn’t look like she was strung out on crack cocaine, and too healthy for someone living on the streets. Second, seeing that the going rate in Worcester was $40 and she was offered $25, I wondered how she felt about the low offer. I was about to ask the undercover then thought better of my curiosity. Though she was extremely nice and helpful, she did carry a duly licensed service revolver.

Police arrests 18 people for prostitution:

Man found guilty of prostitution ring. Article by the Worcester Telegram

For more information: visit or contact me at 508-808-8902

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